Balaji Sri Venkateswara

Lord VenkateswaraOnce Sage Narada came to visit his father who is Brahma. Brahma was worried that man was falling prey to his animal instincts during Kaliyuga. So sage Narada met some sages who were commencing a great sacrifice to minimize the evil influence. Narada asked the sages who the presiding deity was to be. After much debate it was agreed that Sage Bhrigu undertake the difficult task of finding out who the most ‘Satvic’ (pure) in nature is amongst the Divine Trio, so that he could enjoy the honor of becoming the presiding deity.

Bhrigu Rishi went to the court of Brahma first of all. The latter did not accord the respect that he should have to Bhrigu Rishi’s visit. In fact Brahma got annoyed at the fact that Bhrigu Rishi had entered the palace without waiting for his permission. Bhrigu Rishi’s next visit was to Shivji. The latter was peeved with Bhrigu for having come to his private chamber, at an inappropriate time. Bhrigu Rishi had felt insulted by both Brahma’s and Shivji’s attitude. Next Bhrigurishi proceeded to the Ocean of Milk where Vishnu was reclining on His serpentine bed. Bhrigurishi angrily kicked upon the chest of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu apologised for hurting Bhrigu’s feet as the latter had hit against the Lord’s iron-like chest! Lord Vishnu’s humility brought tears to Bhrigu Rishi’s eyes. Bhrigu Rishi concluded that Lord Vishnu was undoubtedly more Satvic (pure) than Brahma and Mahesh.

Lord Vishnu was lauded for His magnanimity. However Goddess Laxmi felt humiliated and insulted, since Bhrigu Rishi had kicked Lord Vishnu on His chest and the chest of Vishnu is MahaLaxmi’s abode. She left Vaikuntha (Heaven) and her Lord in dismay.

As soon as Goddess Laxmi left , all beauty departed with her. Lord Vishnu could not bear to live in Vaikuntha for a moment longer. He walked through half of the world without food or water. He finally reached the serpentine hills of Sheshaadri (A hill in Tirumala). It felt like home. Lord Vishnu found an anthill. He entered a cave-like hole and sat there to meditate.

Padmavati is MahaLaxmi herself who appeared to a great Sage while he was uttering Vedic mantras. In her earlier life, she was called Vedavathi. The sage found through divine insight that only Lord Vishnu was fit enough to be her husband.

In her subsequent life, Vedavathi, as a baby, was found in a casket lying over a big lotus.

The priest solemnly proclaimed that the child was an incarnation of Mother Laxmi and she should be named ‘Padmavathi’ (The lotus born one).

Lord Vishnu (as Venkateshwara) met Padmavathi and was enamoured by her. He decided to marry her, but was short of funds for the wedding celebrations (as Laxmi was not with Him yet)

So he approached Kubera for a loan. Kubera agreed to give him the funds with the understanding that Lord Venkateshwara would pay the interest during Kaliyuga and the principle thereafter.

So the marriage was solemnised.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead make a deal with the Lord of the Hills. He fulfills your wish and you contribute to the payment of the interest that the Lord owes to Kubera for His marriage expense. Oh how could I forget to tell you that Laxmi understood the ‘Leela’ (Drama) of the Lord and how this whole episode had come to pass so that the Lord may reside on Earth during Kaliyuga, and fulfill easily and quickly the devotees’ wishes. So She returned to Him and She also dwells in Tirupati.

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