The Destroyer

Shiva is MAHAYOGI the patron saint of all yogis. He is represented by the LINGA (phallus), which denoteS male energy and reproduction. His consort is Shakti or female energy. The fusion of two leads to life. Hence Shiva is propitiated for productivity and growth of the human race.

His two sons are Kartikeya, the brave warrior, the lord of war and Ganesha the remover of all obstacles.

Mount Kailasa, in the upper reaches of the Himalayas is his abode. His vehicle is the white bull and he is the lord of all animals. Thus in his entourage are lions, snakes and bears. He is called the NILAKANTHA, or the blue throated one because in the churning of the ocean he drank the poison, which would otherwise have destroyed the universe. Shiva’s anger is legendary. He is also the DIGAMBARA, the naked ascetic. The holy river Ganga sprouts from his matted locks. The moon and stars adorn his crown. As NATARAJA, he is the lord of dances.

Shiva and Shakti represent union of male and female energies, the production and growth of human race. The Linga symbolizes the divine act of creation. It represents the union of LINGA (phallic symbol) with the YONI (female organ) showing manifest nature, the universal energy. Shiva is said to be THE DESTROYER for it his power of destruction that regenerates.

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