Indian Mythology

Indian Mythology dates back to as early as 7200 B.C. when the first hymns of the RIG VEDA was composed. The hymns of the RIG VEDA are the first and freshest expression of the sense of beauty and gladness awakened in the Aryan race by the charms and the bounty of nature. What began as a celebration of natural elements such as Air, Water and Fire was converted into the worship of cosmic elements. And thus formed the triad of the early Vedic Gods – AGNI, VAYU and SURYA. The VEDIC Gods are mere abstractions, intangible and illusive personifications of the powers of nature. It is in the post-VEDIC phase or in the PURANAS the gods assumed substantial shape and individual character.

In the late VEDIC period the two ITIHASAS or epics Ramayana and the Mahabharata were compiled. The heroes of the Vedic age gradually took place of the shadowy gods of the Vedic Gods and found their places in the Puranas. This formed the phase of post-VEDIC gods or the PURANIC GODS who had their seeds and roots in the VEDAS giving rise to the concept of TRIMURTI.

Thus emerged the transition of Hindu mythology from Vedic Gods (the Cosmic Trinity) to Puranic Gods (the Hindu Trinity) who took more significant form and entity and have been worshipped in various forms ever since.

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